The Majestic African Elephant

There is something mesmerizing about the elephants, especially the African species that many people (myself included) have come to revere. The elephant is not only intelligent, it also possesses an amazing memory that goes deeper than that of most humans. To fully appreciate them, one must get to know the elephants in all their glory. But if the demand for their precious ivory isn’t stopped, we will then lose them, and I can’t imagine a world without their presence.

We want to protect these great tuskers from poachers, and from being culled just because their paths may cross that of the native villagers. By making the world aware of the dangerous circumstances surrounding the survival of these majestic beasts, requires a global effort which demands that governments in those African nations, where elephants are most vulnerable, take extreme measures against the illegal ivory trade.  No compromise! No slap on the wrist! No ivory for illegal arms purchases! No ivory for oil! And no more ignorance!

Please check out this video and see for yourself what we are up against in protecting the African elephant from the ignorant humans who needlessly kill them with impunity: