Spiral of Being Synopsis

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Spiral of Being is a thrilling account of how life spirals out of control when the Sacred Pact of the Earth Colony has been violated for too long. A powerful group of highly intelligent animals is ready to wage another mega-extinction against the earth. However, there is a 13-year old boy who can prevent this catastrophic event from coming to pass.

Find out how the shy and awkward Noah Goodarte is able to travel through time and space, and ends up on a planet ruled by the mighty albino oliphant with tusks of gold, called “Jahru — the Avaraj of Shivadam”.  It is this Oliphant that Noah must seek and ask for help in preventing an Act of Deiawala that will soon impact the entire animal kingdom of the Earth Colony, leaving the humans alone and desolate on a moribund planet.

As Noah becomes more aware of why he was chosen for what appears to be an impossible mission, he is joined there by his two closest friends, Cicero the Border collie, and Petey the Parrot. As they travel through the heart of the Borderlands, they meet several amazing animals, who become their best friends and allies in finding the Cave of Secrets where he will discover many answers that will ultimately lead him to Jahru, and to the truth.

Noah and his comrades encounter many dangers along the way, including confrontations with the demonic Conjuron, who is also in search of the Cave of Secrets. Noah and the Conjuron must have a final showdown before either of them can possess the secret which is hidden in the mysterious cave.

But much to Noah’s dismay, his journey doesn’t just end with him finding Jahru; he must also face the Placiturn who are strongly supporting an Act of Deiawala against the Earth Colony. Time is not Noah’s friend in this case, but only time will tell if he is able to succeed in his mission.